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Our Director’s Role as a Panelist at the Asia Clean Energy Forum 2020 in Manila, Philippines


The Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) is an annual event that brings together policymakers, experts, business leaders, and practitioners to discuss the latest developments and challenges in the field of clean energy. In 2020, our esteemed director, Mr. Shridhar, was invited to participate as a panelist, reflecting not only his expertise in the clean energy sector but also the recognition our organization has gained in this rapidly evolving industry.

Background on the ACEF 2020 event:

The Asia Clean Energy Forum, organized by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), is one of the premier clean energy platforms in the region. The event aims to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the industry to accelerate the transition towards clean and sustainable energy sources. The ACEF 2020 in Manila presented a unique opportunity for Mr. Shridhar to contribute to these discussions alongside other esteemed panelists.

Mr. Shridhar’s selection as a panelist:

Mr. Shridhar’s invitation to participate in the ACEF 2020 as a panelist demonstrates his notable contributions to the clean energy sector. His expertise in sustainable energy solutions and experience in leading our organization’s clean energy initiatives made him a fitting candidate for participation. Furthermore, his extensive knowledge of the socio-economic and policy aspects of clean energy made him a valuable asset to the panel discussions.

Panel discussion topics:

The ACEF 2020 program encompassed a wide range of topics related to clean energy, such as climate change mitigation, renewable energy financing, energy efficiency, and innovation. Mr. Shridhar, as a panelist, shared insights and perspectives on these topics based on his experiences leading our organization’s successful clean energy projects and initiatives.

Contributions to the panel discussions:

As a panelist, Mr. Shridhar actively engaged in collaborative discussions, sharing his expertise, and exchanging ideas with other distinguished speakers. His contributions revolved around the importance of promoting renewable energy sources, the need for sustainable energy financing models, and the role of innovation and technology in transitioning to clean energy. Furthermore, Mr. Shridhar highlighted the significance of inclusive approaches to ensure clean energy access for underserved communities in the region.

Impact and outcomes:

Mr. Shridhar’s participation as a panelist at the ACEF 2020 contributed to the success of the event and helped reinforce his reputation as a thought leader in the clean energy sector. His insights, backed by our organization’s successful projects, aided in forming innovative solutions for addressing challenges facing the industry. Additionally, Mr. Shridhar’s involvement in the forum enhanced our organization’s reputation as a key player in the clean energy domain, opening up potential opportunities for collaborations and partnerships with other industry stakeholders.


The Asia Clean Energy Forum 2020 provided a platform for Mr. Shridhar, our esteemed director, to showcase his expertise and contribute to discussions addressing the challenges and opportunities in the clean energy sector. As a panelist, Mr. Shridhar’s insights and experiences further validated our organization’s commitment to clean energy, and his participation highlighted the tremendous potential for collaboration among experts and industry leaders. Overall, Mr. Shridhar’s involvement in the ACEF 2020 event in Manila, Philippines was a testament to his influence and our organization’s impact within the clean energy industry.

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