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Our Director’s Interview: Uncovering the Lithium Discovery in Reasi, Jammu and Kashmir
Introduction: The recent discovery of lithium reserves in Reasi, Jammu and Kashmir has sparked tremendous interest and excitement worldwide. As a result, India TV news scheduled an exclusive interview with our esteemed director to shed light on this groundbreaking development. In the interview, our director delved into the significance of this discovery, its potential impact...
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Our Director’s Role as a Panelist at the Asia Clean Energy Forum 2020 in Manila, Philippines
Introduction: The Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) is an annual event that brings together policymakers, experts, business leaders, and practitioners to discuss the latest developments and challenges in the field of clean energy. In 2020, our esteemed director, Mr. Shridhar, was invited to participate as a panelist, reflecting not only his expertise in the clean...
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Lithium-ion Capacitors for Enabling Smart Metering: A Paper Presented at Metering India 2022
Introduction: The advent of smart technology has revolutionized various industries, and the field of energy metering is no exception. The pursuit of more efficient, sustainable, and intelligent energy management systems has led to the development of advanced devices, such as smart meters. These meters provide real-time data, enabling better energy consumption management and grid optimization....
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