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Reasons Why Lithium Ion batteries are best companion for solar applications, Electronics Maker April 2019

Investment in solar is the smart option and pairing off solar with lithium battery storage is even smarter. Meanwhile, Initial investment on Lithium-ion batteries is higher compared with the lead-acid batteries, Lithium-ion superior performance and long life make it an ideal choice or grid tie and off-grid applications. Before selecting lithium battery to comply with your solar system, understanding of advantage of lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries is a must.

Importance of battery management system in LiFePO4 Battery, Eletimes April 2019

Lithium iron phosphate batteries constructed of more than single cells connected together. It also consists of Battery management system (BMS) which is not visible to the end user, which ensures that each cell of the battery remains within the safe limits. Elecorev’s lithium iron phosphate batteries come along with BMS integrated inside or outside which protects, increase lifetime, monitor, balance and communicate with different modules which ensures safe operation over wide range of conditions.
Our Story
Elecorev Energy Studios, one of the principal manufacturers of lithium Ion Batteries in India,

is a trailblazer in delivering battery designs that are effective as well as come at an affordable price.

Our well qualified team of engineers and designers progress in the direction of accomplishing greatness in every unit manufactured at our assembling unit.

As lithium ion batteries in India is mostly used amongst rechargeable batteries, we endeavor to play an important role in crossing over the barrier between demand and supply of the same in the Indian Market.

Lithium batteries are widely used in portable home electronics. In this manner, we give careful consideration for the well being of the users through our cautiously applied knowledge and available technology for both national and universal market.

Advantage of Choosing Elecorev Energy

  • We at Elecorev a professional team of Engineers to select and recommend a right chemistry according to application and its working conditions.
  • Elecorev integrates different technologies for optimized performance at different environmental conditions.
  • Compliance with ISO 9001:2015.
  • We integrate packs using industrial top-grade cells only.
  • Customization as per the customer’s requirement.
  • In House designed advanced BMS (Battery Management System) to enhance the life of a battery.