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“Renaissance 2025″ a new strategy for Elecorev is founded on four pillars are :

  • Diversify
  • Shine
  • Innovate
  • Transform
Let us first see in which context Elecorev is driving, We have most talented and expertise staff which is taking company to path breaking Success which inspire to innovate and excel.
“Renaissance 2025″

Renaissance 2025 is the plan for next 5 years for Elecorev to Grow and Evolve.

diversify Diversify

  • Expand New Applications
  • EV Batteries Production Line
  • Energy Storage Solutions

shining Shine

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Skilled and Expertise Staff
  • New Era in Digital Industry

idea Innovate

  • Technology Adaption
  • A New Products for IoT and IIoT
  • New and Effected Business Models

transformer Transform

  • Worldwide Expansion
  • Global Presence
  • Strategic Partnership

“Renaissance 2025" is plan to put Elecorev
globally and evolve and shine in the coming years.

Shridhar Pandey

Founder and Director

We had identified revolution in many field from past many years and it is still continue to go which are as follows:

  • IoT and IIoT
  • Electric Mobility
  • Power Sector
  • Electronic Manufacturing
  • Automation
  • Connected Devices

They are navigating a huge demand and requirements for the batteries. The global market for Industrial and Electric Vehicles batteries are growing much faster than it is expected and projected growth from now to 2025 is expected to be amount 15~16%.

At Elecorev, We have strong and loyal customer base all over India and aiming to have worldwide Presence all over the world by 2025.