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A World Wide Supplier of lithium Batteries
About Elecorev Energy
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We drive the transition to more sustainable, reliable, and affordable battery system to power your devices. Our Ultimate goal is to power your devices with our innovative and advanced technologies.

Energy is one of the most essential aspects of modern human life, powering everything from our homes, to our transportation, to our work and recreational activities.

Elecorev committed to provide comprehensive battery solutions for any embedded system from the start of its development to the final delivery of the finished product. This is an important commitment, as it highlights the company's dedication to delivering high-quality, reliable battery solutions to its clients.

Shridhar Pandey
Elecorev Founder
Our Story
“By constantly working research and innovations on batteries, we are driving towards discovering the better tomorrow.”

Our well qualified team of engineers and designers progress in the direction of accomplishing greatness in every unit manufactured at our assembling unit.

As lithium ion batteries in India is mostly used amongst rechargeable batteries, we endeavor to play an important role in crossing over the barrier between demand and supply of the same in the Indian Market.


We stimulate the renewable source of energy. Our main aim to provide India with Indigenous and effective green energy solution.

Elecorev integrates different technologies for optimized performance at different environmental conditions.
Compliance with ISO 9001:2015.
We integrate packs using industrial top-grade cells only.
Customization as per the customer’s requirement.
Certified Engineers
Our team have years of experience in battery industry.
Advanced Battery
We design and Develop
Cells as per market
Individual Solutions
Customised Battery solutions based on customer requirements
Quality Control
Incoming and Outgoing
material quality
How It Works?!

It has been argued that expanding use of wind power will lead to increasing geopolitical competition over critical materials for wind turbines such as rare earth elements neodymium, praseodymium, and dysprosium. But this perspective has been criticised for failing to recognise that most wind turbines.

Save Money, Save The Environment!
Providing Value To Our ClientsThrough Ongoing Product & Innovation.

Our products now provide a channel of choice in the market for some of the world's leading manufacturers and The track record of Elecorev batteries exemplifies their reliability, making them the preferred choice in each technology.

Environmental Sensitivity
Personalised Solutions
Performance Measures
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