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Shridhar at Metering India 2017: An Insightful Speaker on Two-Pole Latching Relays for Smart Electricity Meters
The Metering India conference held in 2017 encompassed a diverse range of topics surrounding the energy ecosystem. Among the esteemed speakers, Shridhar, a renowned expert in the field of smart electricity meters, delivered an insightful presentation on the significance of two-pole latching relays. His speech shed light on the advantages and applications of this innovative...
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Smart Cities Transition to Clean Energy in Developing Countries: A Talk by Our Director at ACEF 2016, Manila
Introduction: In the dynamic landscape of urban development, the global shift towards sustainable practices has become more crucial than ever. Recognizing the need to address the challenges associated with urbanization and climate change, the Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) invited our esteemed director as a speaker to share insights on the topic of smart cities...
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