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Elecorev is “Recognised as one of the Top Challenger D2C Brands in the country” by Yourstory Media and Trell.
Elecorev, a dynamic and innovative brand, has recently made a significant impact in the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) market within our country. Garnering attention and recognition from reputable sources, Elecorev has been acknowledged as one of the top challengers in the D2C space by Yourstory Media and Trell, solidifying its position as a leader in its industry....
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Delivered a Webinar on Fundamentals of IoT and Its Applications at Cambridge Institute of Technology, BAN
Introduction: On [insert date], I had the privilege of delivering a webinar on the fundamentals of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications at the prestigious Cambridge Institute of Technology in Bangalore. With the rapid growth and evolution of technology, it is essential to understand the underlying principles and potential applications of IoT. The...
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Lithium-ion Capacitors for Enabling Smart Metering: Shridhar’s Talk at GridTech 2019
Introduction: GridTech 2019, one of the most prominent conferences in the energy industry, saw Shridhar take the stage to deliver a talk on an innovative technology for smart metering: lithium-ion capacitors. This essay aims to outline the key points and insights shared by Shridhar during this compelling presentation. Understanding Smart Metering: With the rapid advancement...
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