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Remote wireless - Elecorev
Market SectorRemote wirelessRemote wireless Lithium thionyl chloride cells of the Elecorev brand are available in various cylindrical design and sizes from 1/2AA to D and can be used in a wide tempera…


Elecorev batteries have emerged as the proven choice for remote wireless applications, being able to meet the demanding requirements of this niche. With their long life and reliability, Elecorev LiSOCl2 bobbin-type batteries and Elecorev Hybrid batteries have proven their worth in a wide variety of applications.

One of the primary concerns in remote wireless applications is the need for batteries that can provide sustained power without the need for frequent replacements. The Elecorev range of batteries excels in this aspect, with a lifespan of up to 10 years. This extended life span saves both time and money by reducing the cost of replacing batteries frequently.

The Elecorev LiSOCl2 bobbin-type batteries stand out as the preferred choice for low-power remote wireless applications due to their exceptional performance. These batteries offer the highest energy density with a capacity of 1,420 Wh/l, ensuring that they can deliver the necessary power for these applications. Additionally, they are designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -55°C to +85°C. This makes them suitable for use in diverse environments, where stable performance in harsh conditions is essential.

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Bobbin-type batteries are designed to be rugged and durable

Furthermore, the Elecorev bobbin-type batteries are built to be rugged and durable, ensuring reliable power delivery even in demanding situations. These batteries incorporate unique safety features that protect against extreme temperature, pressure, puncture, shock, and vibration. This level of resilience instills confidence in the stability and longevity of the batteries.

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This unique functionality allows for optimized power management

In addition to the LiSOCl2 bobbin-type batteries, Elecorev also offers Hybrid LIC batteries specifically designed for low-power wireless devices. These batteries combine a standard bobbin-type LiSOCl2 cell with a lithium-ion capacitor, creating a specialized power solution. Wireless devices operating mainly in a "standby" mode can draw nominal current, conserving energy. However, when the need arises for high pulses of energy, such as for two-way wireless communication, the Hybrid LIC batteries can deliver. This unique functionality allows for optimized power management, ensuring that devices have the necessary power when required.

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Elecorev batteries have established themselves as the proven choice for the remote wireless application industry

Moreover, the Elecorev Hybrid batteries feature an end-of-life voltage plateau that provides valuable information to interpret and predict the battery's remaining capacity. This capability allows for proactive maintenance and alerts users when the battery is reaching a low charge state. It minimizes the risk of unexpected shutdowns due to depleted batteries, enhancing the overall reliability and efficiency of wireless applications.

The range of applications that benefit from Elecorev batteries is vast and includes AMR utility meters, SCADA, data loggers, GPS emergency locators, animal tracking devices, GPS container and vehicle tracking, oceanographic and environmental measurement systems, sonobuoys, military and aerospace devices, RFID applications, and more. The versatility and proven performance of Elecorev batteries in these diverse fields further highlight their superiority.


In conclusion, Elecorev batteries offer unparalleled advantages for remote wireless applications. Their long life, high energy density, ability to withstand extreme conditions, safety features, and innovative technology make them the ideal choice for any application requiring reliable power. Whether it be for AMR utility meters, emergency locators, or military and aerospace devices, Elecorev batteries have established themselves as the proven choice for the remote wireless application industry.

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Our products now provide a channel of choice in the market for some of the world's leading manufacturers and The track record of Elecorev batteries exemplifies their reliability, making them the preferred choice in each technology.

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