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Elecorev batteries, specifically the bobbin-type lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) batteries, have been extensively proven in various oceanographic applications. These batteries have demonstrated their reliability and effectiveness in critical devices used in offshore and oceanographic operations.

One prominent example is in the use of radio distress alert transmitters (DAT) and emergency locating transmitters (ELT) utilized by fishermen and maritime personnel. LiSOCL2 batteries are employed in these devices to ensure the transmission of distress signals in emergency situations. These transmitters are equipped with a GPS receiver, enabling them to send a short message containing their precise location and the type of emergency when manually activated. This crucial information aids in quickly providing assistance to those in distress, allowing for timely rescue operations. The use of LiSOCl2 batteries in these transmitters ensures reliable and long-lasting power supply, even in the challenging conditions of the open sea.

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Elecorev Battery use in Oceanographic application

Another significant oceanographic application where LiSOCl2 batteries excel is in drifter buoys. These buoys are designed to drift on the surface of the ocean, collecting a wide range of data such as sea surface temperature, barometric pressure, salinity, wave height, and more. The data collected by the sensors on these drifting buoys are transmitted to satellites passing overhead, enabling scientists and researchers to study and analyze various oceanic parameters. LiSOCl2 batteries provide the necessary power to these buoys, allowing them to operate autonomously for extended periods without the need for recharging. This long-lasting power source is crucial for sustained data collection in remote and challenging oceanic environments.

Additionally, Elecorev batteries are utilized in ocean bottom seismic devices, sonobuoys, transponders, GPS equipment, mobile satellite communications links, and data loggers used in oceanographic research. These batteries have consistently demonstrated their ability to function effectively and reliably in these demanding applications, further establishing their credibility and suitability for oceanographic use.

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In summary, Elecorev batteries, specifically the bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries, have proven their worth in various oceanographic applications. From distress alert transmitters to drifter buoys and other critical devices, these batteries boast reliable performance, long-lasting power, and high functionality in the challenging conditions of the ocean. Their utilization in oceanographic research and operations is a testament to their effectiveness and the trust placed in their capabilities.

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