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Li-SOCl2 Hybrid Batteries
Lithium thionyl chloride cells of the Elecorev brand are available in various cylindrical design and sizes from 1/2AA to D and can be used in a wide temperature range from -60°C to +85°C.

Lithium Ion Capacitors(LIC's) play a vital role in IoT devices as it is used to store and release the charge to support the high pulse current which traditional Li-SOCl2 bobbin batteries are not capable of supporting such high currents. When LiSOCl2 Bobbin cells are combined with Lithium ion capacitors, capacitors act as pulse helpers, providing the high power required by IoT devices during the transmission's of the data. Elecorev, a leading battery provider in India, offers a range of capacitors with there LiSOCl2 battery ranging from 1200mah to 19000mah capacity, providing a hybrid battery solution to effectively power IoT projects.

The LiSOCl2 battery range was introduced by Elecorev in the year 2019 to address the evolving needs of smart devices that demand higher power pulse capabilities, wider operating temperature ranges, and longer lifetimes. The range combines Elecorev's reliable and low self-discharge Li-SOCl2 cell technology with a carefully designed LiC (Lithium-ion Capacitor) as a pulse helper. Over time, Our capacitor range is expanded with Li-SOCl2 battery with different LIC options to accommodate the diverse specifications of customers and based on different communication protocols i.e. GSM, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G and other communication modules which require higher pulse currents.

Passivation, the formation of a Lithium Chloride layer on the anode, is a common phenomenon in Li-SOCl2 cells. While passivation protects the cells from self-discharge and ensures long shelf life, it increases the internal resistance of the cell. This can cause low voltage readings initially, leading to delays in current delivery. To circumvent this issue, Elecorev incorporates capacitors, supercapacitors, or lithium capacitors in parallel with the cells. These capacitors store charges and help increase the necessary voltage, preventing any delay in current delivery. The capacitance, measured in Farads (F), determines the amount of electric charge carried by the pulse helper.

from -30℃ up-to +70℃ in worst environmental conditions. 

In a small structure it offers great capacitance value. 

It offers long life with bobbin type LiSOCl2 cells

It supports high pulse currents from 0.5amps upto 5amps based on the LIC selected.

Low Self discharge compared with EDLC and electrolytic capacitors.

Best Suitable for IoT devices and high pulse current modules. 

Elecorev offers a wide variety of capacitors to cater to different customer needs. Initially, Elecorev introduced the LIC 20F and 40F featuring an electro-chemical double layer for applications like water meters that require regular transmission at low temperatures (-30°C to +60°C). However, this solution has limitations at high temperatures due to leak current. Recognizing the need for higher capacitance pulse helpers, Elecorev introduced the LIC1020 80F, which utilizes a lithium capacitor offering better stability at medium temperatures (-20°C to +70°C).

Furthermore, Elecorev introduced the LIC0813 20F, catering to applications requiring lower pulses at temperatures ranging from -60°C to +85°C.

Elecorev LIC’s range covers a wide range of applications, including water, gas, and heat meters, IoT sensors for indoor and outdoor use (such as smart parking and smart agriculture), and asset tracking. The range is available in different cell sizes, from AA to D, and offers stability and quality solutions for diverse customer requirements.

For customer-specific needs, Elecorev is capable of developing customized solutions. These solutions can include different capacitors, their location within the battery, plug and play options using connectors or soldering, and the ability to assemble multiple cells in series or parallel.

Elecorev ensures the quality and performance of their LIC range by subjecting 100% of the pulse helpers and final Elecorev’s Li-SOCl2 batteries to rigorous testing. This guarantees that they meet the required standards in terms of pulse delivery once assembled.


Model Nominal
Size Max pulse Curent Weight
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ER14250/HPC1020 3.65 1400 0.75 15X25X26.5 750 7 View PDF Buy Now
ER14335/HPC1020 3.65 1650 0.75 15X25X35 750 7 View PDF Buy Now
ER10505/HPC1020 3.65 2400 0.75 15X25X55 750 7 View PDF Buy Now
ER18505/HPC1020 3.65 4000 0.75 18.5X29X55 750 7 View PDF Buy Now
ER26500/HPC1020 3.65 8500 0.75 29X62/26.5X38X52 750 7 View PDF Buy Now
ER34615/HPC1020 3.65 19000 0.75 34X73/34.5X46X63 750 7 View PDF Buy Now
ER14250/HPC1520 3.65 1400 2 16.5X50/16X30X26.5 2000 10 View PDF Buy Now
ER14335/HPC1520 3.65 1650 2 16.5X58/16X30X35 2000 10 View PDF Buy Now
ER14505/HPC1520 3.65 2400 2 16.5X75/16X30X55 2000 10 View PDF Buy Now
ER18505/HPC1520 3.65 4000 2 18.5X34X55 2000 10 View PDF Buy Now
ER26500/HPC1520 3.65 8500 2 29X67/26.5X42X52 2000 10 View PDF Buy Now
ER34615/HPC1520 3.65 19000 2 34X78/34.5X50X63 2000 10 View PDF Buy Now
ER14250/HPC1550 3.65 1400 5 16X32X55 5000 22 View PDF Buy Now
ER14335/HPC1550 3.65 1650 5 16X32X55 5000 22 View PDF Buy Now
ER14505/HPC1550 3.65 2400 5 16X32X55 5000 22 View PDF Buy Now
ER18505/HPC1550 3.65 4000 5 18.5X34X55 5000 22 View PDF Buy Now
ER26500/HPC1550 3.65 8500 5 28X44X55 5000 22 View PDF Buy Now
ER34615/HPC1550 3.65 19000 5 35X50X64 5000 22 View PDF Buy Now
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