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Li-MnO2 Cylindrical Batteries
Lithium thionyl chloride cells of the Elecorev brand are available in various cylindrical design and sizes from 1/2AA to D and can be used in a wide temperature range from -60°C to +85°C.

Lithium-Manganese Dioxide cells comprises of a metallic lithium anode and a hard solid manganese dioxide as a cathode which is immersed in a non-corrosive and non-toxic organic electrolytic solution. It delivers the voltage of 3.0V and are cylindrical in shape. Lithium is used as an ideal negative electrode as it offers lowest potential amongst other chemical elements therefore it is offering the highest cell voltage. 3.0V Lithium

Manganese dioxide batteries are widely used. This 3.0v LiMnO2 Cells are widely used for motherboards, Fire sensors, CNC and PLC Machines. LiMnO2 Batteries offers a advantage over lithium cathode batteries i.e LISOCl2, LISC2CL2 is the lower passivation at the anode, which helps to avoid and reduce voltage drop at the beginning of the load. A main disadvantage of this batteries are it offers lower energy density which means it is most favorable for memory backups.

-60℃/+85℃,up to +150℃ via special design


Extremely long reliability life

Nominal voltage is 3.6V and
operating voltage is stable

less than 1% after one year storage at +20 ℃

Cylindrical, coin and square cells,
Customized solutions are available


Shape Model Max Size

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2/3A CR123A 17.0 X 34.5 3 2 1500 1500 20 View PDF Buy online
A CR17505 17.0 X 50.5 3 2 2300 1500 30 View PDF Buy Now
  CR17450 17.0 X 45.5 3 2 2000 1500 26 View PDF Buy Now
A CR18505 18.5 X 50.5 3 2 2500 2000 35 View PDF Buy Now
C CR26500 26.2 X 50.5 3 2 5400 2000 62 View PDF Buy Now
D CR34615 34.0 X 61.5 3 2 12000 2000 125 View PDF Buy Now
1/2AA CR14250 14.5 X 25.4 3 2 600 500 11 View PDF Buy Now
2/3AA CR14335 14.5 X 50.5 3 2 800 1000 14 View PDF Buy Now
AA CR14505 14.5 X 50.5 3 2 1400 1500 21 View PDF Buy Now
  CR-P2 36 X 19.5 X 35 6 4 1500 1500 43 View PDF Buy Now
  CR2 15.5 X 27.0 3 2 850 1000 13 View PDF Buy Now
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