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Coin Cells
Elecorev LiMnO2 Coin cells are mainly used in small electronic devices, as a backup battery for motherboards, medical devices, watches and many more.

Lithium batteries come in a variety of configurations, each with its own cathode, electrolyte, and separator. They come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit a wide range of applications. They have a wide range of applications due to their high voltage of 3 volts, high capacity, wide temperature range, and extended shelf life (due to low self-discharge).

Car keys, watches, medical devices, toys, LED lamps, and, of course, any type of memory backup are among the most common applications.

They are available in a number of sizes. The cells are either utilised in a battery holder or have pins welded to them.


Elecorev CR1616 Lithium Coin Battery

Elecorev CR1620 Lithium Coin Battery

Elecorev CR1632 Lithium Coin Battery

Elecorev CR2016 Lithium Coin Battery

Elecorev CR2025 Lithium Coin Battery

Elecorev CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery

Elecorev CR2430 Lithium Coin Battery

Elecorev CR2450 Lithium Coin Battery

Elecorev CR2477 Lithium Coin Battery


Shape Model Diameter(mm) Height(mm) mAh

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Li/MnO2 Coin cells

Coin CR1025 10.0 2.5 30 2.5 View PDF Buy Now
Coin CR1216 12.0 1.6 30 1.60 View PDF Buy Now
Coin CR1220 12.5 2.0 40 1.20 View PDF Buy Now
Coin CR1620 16 2.0 75 1.25 View PDF Buy Now
Coin CR1632 16 3.2 135 1.80 View PDF Buy Now
Coin CR2016 20 1.6 85 1.70 View PDF Buy Now
Coin CR2025 20 2.5 165 2.40 View PDF Buy Now
Coin CR2032 20 3.2 240 2.90 View PDF Buy Now
Coin CR2330 23 3.0 265 3.00 View PDF Buy Now
Coin CR2354 23 5.4 530 5.90 View PDF Buy Now
Coin CR2430 24 3.0 280 3.00 View PDF Buy Now
Coin CR2450 24.5 5.0 610 6.20 View PDF Buy Now
Coin CR2477 24.5 7.7 1000 8.70 View PDF Buy Now
Coin CR1616 16 1.6 View PDF Buy Now


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