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Elecorev Alkaline Batteries offers Ultra power in different conditions and for various temperature conditions, Elecorev offer LR03 / AAA, LR 6 / AA, LR14 / C, LR20 / D and 9V models of Alkaline Batteries.

-60℃/+85℃,up to +150℃ via special design


Extremely long reliability life

Nominal voltage is 3.6V and
operating voltage is stable

less than 1% after one year storage at +20 ℃

Cylindrical, coin and square cells,
Customized solutions are available

Elecorev Alkaline AA Battery

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Elecorev Alkaline 9V Battery

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Elecorev Alkaline 27A Battery

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Alkaline batteries are the advanced form of Leclanche cells. Alkaline manganese battery or cell is a galvanic element and is considered one of the most important electrochemical energy device. Due to longer shelf life, higher capacity and better durability alkaline batteries has replaced zinc carbon batteries in many applications. Alkaline batteries are primary batteries i.e. Non-rechargeable batteries.

Many portable applications such as digital cameras, GPS, remote controls, watches, measuring system, toys, flashlights, medical devices, gaming remote and many other portable applications uses alkaline batteries. All these devices requires a boast current initially and as replacement later whereas discharge profile for all the devices is can be varied.


Shape Model IEC Standard Nominal
Diameter Height Weight(g)

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Alkaline Cylindrical Battery

AAA EAL91 LR03 1.5V 10.5 44.5 11 View PDF Buy Now
AA EAL92 LR06 1.5V 14.5 50.5 23 View PDF Buy Now
C EAL93 LR14 1.5V 26.5 50 65 View PDF Buy Now
D EAL94 LR20 1.5V 34.2 61.5 140 View PDF Buy Now
23A EAL23 LR61 12V 10.3 28.5 7.50 View PDF Buy Now
9V EAL9V LR23 9V  26.5mm 48.5 45 View PDF Buy Now
27A EAL27 LR 12V 7.7mm 27.8mm 4.4g View PDF Buy Now

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Our products now provide a channel of choice in the market for some of the world's leading manufacturers and The track record of Elecorev batteries exemplifies their reliability, making them the preferred choice in each technology.

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